JOFA has been operating since 1972 and is capable of offering innovative solutions, that have often become a point of reference for the automation and testing sector.

  • Years
    1975 - 80
  • As a company specialised in industrial electronics, it was one of the first Italian companies to develop digital multi-control analysis instruments. The first digital luminous panels were manufactured (with LEDs and moving script).

  • Years
    1980 - 85
  • It was one of the first companies to make use of interfaced industrial PCs with remote-controlled “smart data acquisition” electronics, becoming a point of reference for diagnostics/testing equipment for the most diverse applications.

  • Years
    1985 - 90
  • The upgrade of the mechanical department with new machine tools and with the computerisation of the design department with CAD 2D, allowed total production autonomy to be reached. The first engine electronic injection systems employed by Italian Formula 1 teams were designed and produced by JOFA.

  • Years
    1990 - 95
  • Partner supplier of the biggest national car manufacturers, exporting production process testing and automation systems worldwide. It was one of the first companies in the sector to obtain the RINA ISO90001 Quality System certification. In collaboration with Fiat and the University, it developed the first multi-spark ignition system applied to a motorcycle.

  • Years
    1995 - 2000
  • The first local networks were created (wireless and cable multipoint connections) with the Management Server/Concentrator of different independent tests. JOFA, together with 4 other companies, established the Centro Ricerca Elettronica Industriale Veneto, a laboratory certified by SINAL and by the Ministry of Telecommunications, that provides certification, research and consultancy services even for external companies.

  • Since 2000 to date
  • JOFA’s cooperation with the University has become more consolidated, by means of research and collaboration contracts. The quality system has been improved, obtaining the ISO 9001:2015 certification. The design department has been enhanced with CAD 3D and the mechanical one with CAM 3D. Best submitted project, approved and financed by the Puglia Region, for producing an automatic integrated system for manufacturing sails with 3DL technology. Production of fully automatic production/assembly lines, Traceability PCs, Management Servers, concentrators, process controls and testing systems.

  • The world is changing and those who are successful learn to innovate their products together with their processes and people.

    Every day we ask ourselves: how can we make this customer satisfied? How can we do this by continuing along the path of innovation? We wonder why, otherwise, someone else will do it.
    This is why we are constantly researching the evolution of the product through the use of new technologies and materials, not least the introduction of carbon for the production of portable equipment, advanced convergence and test safety regulation systems, geometry setting systems / presetting, automatic handling / characterization and testing processes.

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